Sunday, November 1, 2015

Self Healing Technology is Here

The idea of self-healing technology seems futuristic, though I noticed it already exists in smartphones.

I gave my son my old Motorola Atrix 2 phone a couple years ago, and he uses it like a mini game platform.  (Interestingly, he uses the old smartphone much more than his Game Boy).  As a result, it's been dropped a couple hundred times, and even flown across the room a few times as well.  The thing appears to be nearly indestructable.

One day I noticed the screen had a lot of dead pixels after a bad fall.  I thought the phone was just about shot, but wondered if there was a way to fix them.  So I did a little research and learned, suprisingly, the dead pixels REPAIR THEMSELVES.  

I also read that freezing the phone helped speed up the process.  I was a bit skeptical, but wanted to try the experiment.  

I took out the battery, put the phone in a zip lock bag, and froze it over night.  The next day, I thawed it out in a towel (to avoid condensation).  After I turned it back on, the bad pixels were remarkably better.  What used to be a giant black streak on the phone was much less than half the size (smaller).  

Though I didn't take a photo of the screen initially for reference, so I couldn't tell exactly how much better it had improved.  So, I took a picture for reference, and repeated the freezing process.  The second time around, the bad spot was again about half the size.

After a week, I checked again -- lo and behold -- the phone was completely healed:

Apparently, if you just wait six months, the liquid crystals in the screen will fix themselves, but freezing seems to speed up the process.

Seems like freaky Skynet technology to me.   This is the first time I've ever seen a piece of technology heal itself. :-)

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