Monday, May 16, 2011

Tablature software for guitar, mandolin, etc

I've been testing out some tablature software and was pretty happy with TuxGuitar.  I downloaded a ".tef" file (for a mandolin song), and was able to import and hear it with no problems.  TuxGuitar also has an optional neck view, to step through the finger positions.

On Ubuntu, there was an older version in the repository, so I downloaded the newest 1.2 version directly from the website:

There's also a java version online as well, but I haven't tested it out.


KW said...

So you click on the neck and it writes out the music for you?

Unknown said...

Yes, you can also click out chords too. It will write the sheet music and tab. Then there's a button to step to the next interval, like a sequencer.

KW said...

Can you help me load it onto the laptop?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I can help install it and show you how to use it ...

If you want to try installing, that laptop is running Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit so you'd want the "Ubuntu-i386 Binary Package" This is the download link:

Then after it downloads, right click and select:

"Open with GDebi Package Installer"
(should be top option).

Then there's a button that says
"Install Package" It prompts for your log in password just for security.