Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wacom Tablet

I'm testing out a Wacom tablet that my brother loaned me. It's pretty cool! If I can get the hang of it, I'd like this a lot better than using paints. I've never gotten the hang of acrylics (they dry too fast on me). That, and I have an undo button, and no cleanup. :)

Here's the first sketch:

I couldn't figure out how to do outlines, and I had more luck turning the opacity down to between 20% to 30%, so I could make a couple quick passes at each line. I rarely draw the line I want on the first try. I use a "chicken scratch" approach, and add layers of different colors. I started with large brush and gradually turned the brush size smaller, working mostly light to dark. For software I used GIMP (a free Photoshop alternative), using the airbrush.

Though it's a bit washed out. I bumped the contrast to make it look more like what I had in mind. With digital pictures, it's nice how easy it is to manipulate the image:


KW said...


That guy looks great! He looks old and weather-worn. It's way better than anything I was ever able to do with it.

sevkeifert said...

Thanks! I focusing on the wrinkles. :)

I already like the tablet better than paper. I've always wanted an "undo" button.

KW said...

i'm glad you like it, and glad it's getting some use. i have the instruction book too, somewhere in my desk.