Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 released!

I just upgraded to the new version. As with the last release, the operating system is integrated with the net, with a repository of 30,000 free software packages (one click install), and 2GB of free cloud storage.

Also, I like the integrated music store in the RhythmBox media player, where people can either purchase music, or artists can submit music. There's two music hosting services for artists: Jamendo (where music is essentially submitted as free/public domain), and Magnatune (with traditional music rights going to the artist).

Also, I'm happy with WINE (windows emulator) where I can run my older Windows applications, like Macromedia Flash 5. It's still a little hit-and-miss on the most recent Windows applications (where the emulator hasn't caught up) but I've found it runs older Windows programs better than Windows. I popped in an old Windows 95 game the other day, and it ran flawlessly.


KW said...

did it load right up and go, or was there some tweaking?

sevkeifert said...

Yeah, it was a very smooth upgrade. :)

Used to I've had two sticky points on installs: my screen resolution was always wrong, and my Lexmark printer needed a weird driver and configuration. Though, I finally got around to buying an HP printer (since HP fully supports Win/Mac/Linux).